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In the 1950 os, SOAS Ottoman historian V.J. Parry, best known for his work on Ottoman weapons and explosives technologys, embarked on a doctoral disstertation which was to be an evaluation and presentation of Richard Knolles' famous Generall Historie of the Turkes (1603). Yet Parry's manuscript, a fundamental companion to that early text, remained undiscovered until his death.

After waiting nearly half a century until after his death, and although incomplete, Parry's Richard Knolles' History of the Turks has now been edited by historian Salih Özbaran, thus offering us Parry's insights into this unique document on Ottoman life and history.

Richard Knolles

152 s. -- 1. Hamur-- Ciltsiz -- 16 x 23 cm 

ISBN : 9789758813001

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